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The Risks Of Self-Packing

Many people are tempted to try and pack their own items when it comes to a move, but the risks that come with it are numerous. The most obvious is the potential for damage due to improper packing techniques, as different items require different packing materials and techniques in order to ensure they remain safe during transit. This includes everything from wrapping delicate items in bubble wrap and secure them with tape, to loading heavier items first and stacking lighter boxes on top.

Failing to consider any of these factors can lead to major problems where people lose thousands of pounds worth of damage as a result. An off balance box even when held carefully can slip or split open mid move, leading to all manner of problems. This isn't an issue exclusive to home removals either, as self-packing companies can also be guilty of neglecting their packing responsibilities when moving commercial buildings; meaning that businesses have had great losses due to a slight misjudgement of weight or size.

Our Specialised Packing Services Enfield

That's why EN1 has put together a specialised team for our Packing Services Enfield, who work hard every day to make sure your belongings stay safe no matter where they end up. Our staff take care of every last detail, from selecting the right sized boxes and filling them with the appropriate material - such as bubble wrap, foam sheets and Correx sheets - before properly securing them for transit. We also label each box with its contents so that you know exactly what's inside each one before you start unpacking at your new property.

What's more, our Packing Services Enfield include assembling flat packs if needed along wih disassembling of necessary furniture before they get packed away into moving vehicles. We understand how important your possessions are and will make sure that as little stress as possible it put on them throughout the entire moving process. Thanks to our expertise we can move almost anything safely with ease.

Making Moving Easier Than Ever Before

At EN1 we pride ourselves on making your move easier than ever before and incorporating our Packing Services Enfield into any removal makes this process even smoother still. Our team takes care of everything from start to finish allowing for an easier transition, rather than you having to juggle items yourself which could cause considerable damage if done incorrectly.

Whether it's an office relocation or just an average home move, our same level of service will apply - we'll handle all the packaging materials, plan out the journey for your belongings and load everything up onto one of our specialist transporter vehicles quickly and efficiently. We constantly monitor road movements too so that any delays caused by traffic problems don't affect us - ensuring a timely delivery for you every time.

Regardless of whether you decide to use us or another company for your removal needs, it's important to note that taking advantage of packing services can not only save you lots of time but also help ensure that your valuables stay safe during transit - minimising the chances of breakages along the way! So if you’re considering a move in North London then get in touch today and find out how us at EN1 can help you out today!

Unbeatable Prices on Removal Van Services in Enfield, EN1

Call today and take advantage of our cheap removal van services in Enfield. We will help you to move your property in EN1 in no time.

Guide price for the hire of a Transit Van /up to 300 cu ft/.

Price   1 man   2 men
Per Hour
(Min 2 hrs)
from £60 from £84
Per Half Day
(Up to 4 hrs)
from £240 from £336
Per Day
(Up to 8 hrs)
from £480 from £672

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Removal Van Friday and Saturday

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Storage Prices

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Packing Service Special Rates

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Excellent Cost-Effective Removal Van Enfield Service in EN1

Moving house is always going to be a fairly bumpy road, and most of the people who are left in charge of it come out feeling extremely stressed and exhausted. Choose our services in Enfield EN1  and it will all be easier. Our removal van Enfield team will come to your house at a convenient time, then load and move anything you want us to.

  • Call us up to receive your free no obligations quote
  • A team will come round whenever you want them to
  • They’ll pack everything up and take it swiftly to its destination


The crew who assisted and the people who delivered boxes early were super professional, resulting in an easy move.

Rick J.

Their flexibility and willingness to accommodate our needs made the moving process much easier.

Ellliot H.

As someone who has not employed a moving company before; I felt that the cost was justifiable fair; furthermore, I would unquestionably hire them again if necessary. The mover exemplified professionalism, kindness, and remarkable physical prowess.


The level of communication from both the head office and workers exceeded our expectations during our move. Their efficiency was commendable, making sure every detail was taken care of, and we were grateful for the extra packing items they provided.

Gail Hammond

If you're looking for a hassle-free move, look no further than Enfield Removal Vans. They are experts in delivering fast yet high-quality service.

Nathan F.

With their help, what could have been a daunting task turned out to be a successful and stress-free relocation.

Kaf D.

Every step of the way, this team is professional and supportive - beginning with your booking and continuing all through your move.

H. Anderson

The talented team at Man and Van Enfield really shone through; the assurance that we felt from their expertise made our move much less stressful.

Alicia Smith

This moving company came highly recommended. I'm glad I heeded the recommendation. It was a brilliant moving experience thanks to them.

W. Hargreaves

Delighted with the removal van hire from A Man with Van Enfield. Cheap price and really good van, and the service was very well organised.

Hedley Shale

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